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22 March 2010 @ 11:20 pm

OMG YOU GUISE IT WAS THE SHIT. LEGIT CRYING NAO. They were beautiful and pretty and amaazing dkfjkjdhfjkdsf.

Well hi, I know I actually moved from this journal but yeah, I feel like using this account and share the experience here.

So this is my fan account. Note that I may not remember everything and I'll try to keep this as calm as possible lol but yeah, just what I did on the way and what the concert was like. I typed this hurriedly because I have tons of schoolwork and just going back home and going to the concert is making me lag sooo behind in my school work but ANYTHING FOR THIS. I SOUND STUPID IN THIS. I'M SORRY.


I went to the concert with my aunt and 2 friends, and we got tickets for Rock Pitt A. We were planning to go to the stadium at maybe around 1PM as the concert will start at 7PM but after jtyy239 tweeted that the Singaporean ELFs have started queuing up in front of the Rock Pitt gates we decided to go earlier at about 12 noon. The drive wasn't long since we live about 30 minutes away from the venue.

Upon arrival at the stadium we saw that quite a number of people were already there, and they're all walking around the stadium. I guess about 200 people were there maybe. The lines were already forming and some were sitting down and some sat in the not yet opened merchandise stalls. An unofficial stall was selling lightsticks and fans and other stuff. We bought lightsticks since we didn't have any and sat down in the shade. The heat was really something. While sitting down, we were near the rock pitt A doors and some really nice people gave some space for us in the line so we stayed there with them, right behind the Singaporean ELFs forum people and Viet ELFs.

The Singaporean ELFs handed out the white LED lights that we were going to light up during Shining Star for free, with some lyrics and fanchants. They also gave some blue ribbons around so it was really nice of them to do that.

What I can say about the wait was it was a complete hell. It was about 3PM and people were starting to swarm around and tried to cut lines. What was bad was by that time people started to stand and then we literally became human sardines in a tin. People at the back were pushing us in front and ngl, even while standing the line was awfully long and people who just arrived tried to pry in between the people in front. Some were shouting to not cut lines. It was a bit chaotic.

Some fans were saying that they were gonna let the fans in at about 5PM, but instead they opened the doors at 6PM. We were standing from 3PM to 6PM in the heat and people were pushing and we had very little breathing space. A girl behind me fainted and at random intervals some fans will randomly scream as if the boys were there and people started pushing and it was just really really bad. Me and my aunt tried to stick together but got separated a few times and my back was killing me at the time. The experience is really something and it's the price you have to pay if you want to get in fast.

FINALLY at 6PM the doors opened and we went through the compulsory bag check. They didn't allow water bottles and food in so we had to throw them aside. Of course, cameras were not allowed but since people are ninjas, most got away. The organizers only take away your batteries and you can reclaim them at the lost and found section. My aunt got caught with hers while I got away with 2 cameras in my bag, but people bring extra batteries for a reason right ;D? So after she got in and we just started running as fast as we can with the other girls to get good spots.

After running as fast as we could, we got in and luckily not many people were in yet but most of the side closest to the stage was "taken". My 2 friends got in earlier than us so she got a spot close to the main stage. People were standing around and taking pictures of the stage and were all excited. Interestingly there was this group of girls near us and at the time people were chanting "SuJu! SuJu!" and a girl asked her friend what "SuJu" is. Her friends explained and she replied with "Super Junior? But I don't like them" and grimaced. She didn't even smile, cheer or sang along throughout the concert. A girl nearest to the stage was also like that. Interesting to know that non-fans came and had the most expensive ticket.

A staff said to us that it was going to start at 8.30PM. While waiting the fans chanted some stuff, did waves, sang along to the songs that the organizers played and stuff. Fans were chanting for the absent members (see fancam) and then I guess because some people were wearing red and green flashing headbands, some, well, most fans chanted "ONLY BLUE! ONLY BLUE!" at the people. Personally I think it wasn't necessary as there were only a handful of people who had them on.

They played some ads of the sponsors for some time for quite a while and then the lights went off and the opening acts got on stage. The first act was Thomas & Jack, and honestly I didn’t know who they were. They did their thing and sang one song. After they got off a Malay male artist whom I do not know came on (EDIT: Iqmal) and sang one song. At the end he said ‘Wo Ai Ni Men!!” which was just priceless lmao.

After the opening acts we had to wait and then the lights went off.

The opening VTR went on and the fans went completely wild. People were screaming and of course I joined in and it was deafening and was just filled with energy and excitement. A Man In Love went on and the boys came out one by one.

Okay, by this part I may start fangirling a lot and. I’ll go through member by member.

EETEUK: Teuk’s hair was really nice. He had a headband on and in a way he looked like Joon. LOL I KNEW HE WAS GONNA CRY DURING SHINING STAR. He was really sweet to the fans, he was all smiles and HE IS PRETTY. Still sang Honey for his solo and he was such a pimp. He came to my side of the stage a lot and he just comes off as a sweet person. He has a great presence. He said that he’s sick and it has been a while but really, he did not show any signs that he was. I wish I can write more about him but Teuk was just Teuk and he was pretty and nice and just :DDD

HEECHUL: HEECHUL IS REALLY A BAMF HBIC DIVA WHATEVER. He is GORGEOUS and he is fucking pretty and has a “idgaf” arrogant face and did whatever the fuck he wanted on stage. He’s thin and looks delicate and he looks like a woman lol and his face, he is so so pretty I can’t get over it. His solo was crazy and he kissed was almost kissing Henry because they were so close which made my jaw drop because it’s so surreal to see it in front of my own eyes lmao. During Puff the Magic Dragon he scared of baby Shindong by flashing him and the whole perf was hilariously weird. Siwon the fly came on and him, Chullie and Shindong danced Abracadabra and did KARA’s Mister butt dance and 4Minute’s Muzik and dkjfhsaldkjhfkljasdf HIM DURING CHU~ WAS REALLY ADORABLE.

A LOT OF FANSERVICE. HIM AND SUNGMIN. BUTTSEX. ON STAGE. DURING FREAKING PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON. He linked arm to arm with Siwon and walked around and then with Henry at the end of the con they were walking together and he whispered in Henry’s ear and it was so cute kjdhfakdsfhd. During the introductions everyone was going “Milky white skinned Kim Heechul! Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul!” and he was basking in the attention. What was a bit :/ was at times during his parts of the songs, he doesn’t sing them and walked around with a pissed off/bored/not interested face.

YESUNG: Oh Kim Jongwoon. I’ll admit that I’ve never been a big fan and to me he looks just normal but in person he is stunningly handsome. He is really good looking and his hair, PLEASE KEEP IT FOREVER. Yesung’s vocals were solid, and he sounds amazing. His upper body is fit but he looks like he got thinner. The thing with him is that he avoids eye contact with the fans and he looks a bit … I don’t know how to describe it, he looked a bit sick because he kept looking down and looked like he was not feeling all that well. He was doing his lame thing during the members’ intro and other than that he was… professional? But I think I saw him yawn during Our Love. Heheh.

SHINDONG: Shindong is a fun person lol and well, he’s not that large :D I didn’t see much of him since he kept moving around and went to other parts of the stage where I can see him but he was trying to bring the mood up and shouted “Jump! Jump!” to the audience. During the encore he practically poured water at my section lol.

In the picture above, it was Kyuhyun's part in the song and he was standing up to go in front but Shindong pushed his face and Kyu went behind Siwon to hide and it was so cute and then Shindong lipsynched Kyuhyun's parts and then Hyuk joined him. The perf was just them sitting around doing whatever they wanted.

SUNGMIN: Sungmin is very manry. The end.

Lol okay he is so adorable gdi Sungmin why so cute. He was smiley and serious when he is and he’s thicker than I imagined him to be. His solo was BEAUTIFUL. Baby Baby is probably my favourite solo. I got really close to him when he came to our section and posed to let us take pictures. I saw him picking up a DVD case that a fan threw on stage and he was looking at it. During Our Love he was taking pictures of the other members.


EUNHYUK: EYELINERRRRRRRR. I don't have a clear pic of him available but HYUKJAEEE. He is so playful and he stuck with Donghae a lot and argh there's so many EunHae stuff that I saw but I don't even know how to start. HIM DANCING. IS THE BEST THING EVER. IDK WHAT TO SAY. I feel like I saw him a lot but I can't recall anything. HIS DURING CHU~ IS PRICELESS. If you look at my fancam below, his legs, lmao, they are so skinny and it was hilarious to look at. He is better looking in person and his gummy smile djkfhlasdjhfljadhf AWWW. U R CUTE HYUKJAE ♥

DONGHAE: SHOW 'EM THEM GUNS HAE. ARMS OF SEX. DEFINITELY. He is everything that I thought he would be. He is such a boy. Hae is not so tall actually, he's probably like, a bit taller than me. HE IS HOT IRL. During Carnival he had waterguns and was spraying everyone and lkdsjhfkjasdhlkhk he was so close and OH HAE. IDEK. During "Beautiful" it was a bit disappointing that people at my area only get to see his back but ngl I enjoyed staring at his ass while was was dancing. He was hot and awesome and playful and cheeky and jdhflakdjshflka HAE IS AMAJING.


SIWON: Near my area Donghae came out first and the girls went COMPLETELY CRAZY and were pushing around and I was waiting for Siwon to show up and I turned to my right AND FUCK THERE HE WAS, LESS THAN 5 FEET AWAY FROM ME AND HE WAS SO GORGEOUS PERFECT FLAWLESS AMAZING. You can guess he's my bias by now right? He was staring in front and then he turned his head and FUCK I FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. He had guyliner on and Siwon is really fair, he was literally glowing and he had a band aid on his neck and his body, HIS BODY IS REALLY A+. He is really fit and he doesn’t look as tall as people might say he is but he is PERFECT. Seriously. He is a HUGE flirt AND A HUGE TEASE. He was all touchy feely with the other members. There was a lot of fanservice going on with him, Hyu and Hae like Siwon caressing Hyuk’s face during Angela. AND THOSE ABS DURING SORRY SORRY. OH CHOCOLATE ABS. THEY WERE DELICIOUS. He's like a real life Asian Ken doll.



Siwon’s solo was great and the other boys joined him. This is really weird but the entire time during his solo when I looked at him, the spotlight shoots at him (this is when I was looking at his back) and it looked like he was glowing and shining and the only thing that was in my head was “Shisus is real”. He said “Apa Khabar” a few times and spoke English and it was amusing and cute because he sounded a bit confused while speaking lol.


RYEOWOOK: HE IS SO PRESH. He's a tiny little thing and lmao he looks like a little girl during Chu~. Usually I see him as girly but he looks more masculine in person. I CAN SAY THAT HE IS KINDA HOT. He sounds great live and Insomnia got everyone screaming because he's dancing with a sexy lady in front of our eyes. He went to my area a few times and smiled and he is just too precious ;__; ♥ During his introduction he did this bodywave hip gyrating thing and it was all too cute :'D

KYUHYUN: Kyu is shy :'D He was this dorky shy thing and said "Saya sayang kamu semua" and it was too cute and jdkfgkjlfdhglkasdfjhglkjafhg AWW. YOU DORKY THING. His skin, lol, you can see that it is bad and it's all covered with make up but he is really fair and when he sang he's just so relaxed and his voice was so great live. During Puff the Magic dragon he just stood at one side and sang and was so relaxed and enjoying himself. He sat at the same spot during Shining Star too and he looked handsome in a suit.

During the Dancing Machine part he danced really well.

ZHOU MI: I am so proud of Malaysian ELFs (and the ELFs from other countries there too, Singaporean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, EVERYONE) for cheering so loud for Mimi ♥ HE IS SO COOL. His longs legs, and he's this skinny tall thing and his glasses ♥ He's so stylish and cute and not awkward looking at all and sang real well ♥♥♥ I didn't get to see much of him but during the end him and Henry ran past by my side of the stage and got a good look at him :D

HENRY: My aunt says he looks like a kid from a well off family. He's so cute irl, thin and his skin is really white. His solo was enjoyable but my view was blocked by this person who was holding up a towel. HIM WITH HIS VIOLIN DURING SONATA OF TEMPTATION WAS = BAMF. HIM IN DON'T DON PERF IS EPIC. Henry is fucking osm okay? A lot of people cheered for him and screamed their heads off when he was performing. I know I did.

Okay other than that. The missing members. As we all know Kibum is practically non existent in the concert. Kangin was pretty much in the VTRs a lot and when he comes on a lot of people screamed. Hankyung is pretty much edited out as much as he could be, probably 80% out of the concert and his name wasn't written or mentioned. But during one of the VTRs looking back on what they've done so far (which I cried over like a baby) there was a pic of Hankyung that they left on for for about 7-8 seconds and everyone screamed like crazy. Even though there are 10 members present, even with Zhou Mi and Henry and 12 is a large number, the stage looked empty and they looked so incomplete.

For moments that I didn't take pictures it felt good to be in the rock pitt because you can jump around and dance along and get a close look at the boys.

As a conclusion, the concert was a lot of fun. Even though the process of getting there was painful but it was worth it to see them so close to me and they were amazing. I could write more, there were a lot of stuff that happened but due to the time I have right now I can't type everything down. My writing is terrible and I can’t use any other words other than perfect amazing adorable etc. Sorry if there are broken picture links, I can't view them well since my internet sucks here.


Member Introductions

Chant for Kangin, Hankyung and Kibum



.Zip: HERE, 57 pics (the ones that are posted above). I could've posted more but my internet is sucky on campus and a lot of them are VERY blurry.


And I am NEVER getting rock pitt tickets ever again. I’m too old for that kind of shit lol.
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deazaskia: Jay Parkdeazaskia on March 22nd, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
I NEED TO SEE THE BUTTSEX OMG!!! so did Heechul kiss anyone?
i saw some Donghae pics from someone else and dayyuumm those arms!! thanks so much for the pics and FANCAMS!! you are so jjang bb! ♥
FANTASTIQUE☆ELASTIQUEkuronology on March 22nd, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
THE BUTTSEX WAS EPICCCCCCCCCCC. I don't have a fancam but you can try looking around because there are like 8346194856 fancams of SSII KL.


Hae's arms are effingly sexy and he was so cool dhgfjgfsj and thanks bb ♥ I couldn't get good shots because I was flailing and screaming my head off with the other people in the rock pitt.
s a r a h ✤epikly on March 22nd, 2010 03:46 pm (UTC)
Hello, thank you so much for the pictures. :)

Everyone was just all sorts of amazing. ♥ I was really far from the stage so I kinda missed out on a lot of things. D8 Can't believe I actually did not see Heechul kiss Henry. By the time I looked at the big screen, I thought their heads were just close together, lol;;
Joycejtyy239 on March 22nd, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)

I just... don't know what else to say XD
rhythmiarhythmia on March 23rd, 2010 04:14 am (UTC)
Thank you for your concert report
Here from omona, I wanted to thank you for your incredibly detailed and lovely flailing and flail-worthy concert report. I had so much vicarious fun just reading through it, I had a grin a mile wide like this: ^___________^ I wish I could get the videos to work; time to hunt for fancams! o/

thank you again~ ♥
kuzylala: Behind my backkuzylala on March 23rd, 2010 04:21 am (UTC)
Thanks for your fan report.. (im too lazy to wrote anything coz im sucks in writing no good in my english grammar...)
I was Very.. very.. very exciting and awesome concert ever!
Im so glad we had this opportunity to go to their concert...
Im still temporary deaf and no voice due to all the screaming :P
Yukikowingmyway on March 23rd, 2010 05:34 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing your fan account! ROFL I realized that we made a LOT of similar comments about the members~♥

LOL And I am NEVER getting rock pitt tickets ever again. I’m too old for that kind of shit lol.
That's what I told myself after DBSK's concert so this time I got the numbered seatings~♥ But both has their pros and cons ^^
Valerie: f(x):Sullirubus_phoenic on March 23rd, 2010 09:59 am (UTC)
The Singaporean ELFs handed out the white LED lights that we were going to light up during Shining Star for free, with some lyrics and fanchants. They also gave some blue ribbons around so it was really nice of them to do that.
Ahhh, no wonder. ^^ Was a beautiful sight!

Heechul = def resident diva. xDD
Yesung, what you said. Spot-on. He looked tired and not really his usual cheery self.

In the picture above, it was Kyuhyun's part in the song and he was standing up to go in front but Shindong pushed his face and Kyu went behind Siwon to hide and it was so cute and then Shindong lipsynched Kyuhyun's parts and then Hyuk joined him. The perf was just them sitting around doing whatever they wanted.
I almost forgot about this! So precious. xDD

Sungmin was so friendly/smiley throughout, I don't even~~ Plus, all his mad sexy looks during the SMPs! *dies*

Even though there are 10 members present, even with Zhou Mi and Henry and 12 is a large number, the stage looked empty and they looked so incomplete.
This, somehow it feels empty. Sigh.

Oh, and I linked your fan-account to this entry too. Hope you wouldn't mind. ^^
來~ 吃火鍋~: suji: heech!zomggggfalsetheorem on March 23rd, 2010 11:09 am (UTC)
i think i love you.

this is the most lulz fan account i had read so far. i mean, 'shisus is real' :'D

i am amazed that there are alot that you guys can remember cos i DONT. i'm was like on some freaking drug or something and was screaming just like, alot. and staring at kyu/min/mimi so i dont really know what was going on. but HOLY SHIT, at the end of sorryx2, peeps started screaming their heads off, i looked across min and saw choc abs. lol good one bb, i love how flashy you were that night :Db
hello_shihyann: ryeowook 4 (luna)hello_shihyann on March 24th, 2010 06:30 am (UTC)
thanks so much for this fanaccount! [:
love how you decribe each member...

How i wish i was able to go...haiz.
blurmeeseblurmeese on March 24th, 2010 09:49 am (UTC)
omg ;_; I loved reading your fan account, member by member ones are always the best ♥

Green and yellow underwear lol.


and can I say, that pic of Siwon looking absolutely...godly? Best thing ever.
joanc20joanc20 on March 24th, 2010 01:28 pm (UTC)
WHAT BUTTSEX? something's wrong with my brains. i NEED a fancam of that! hsjahdshjkahjs loves your account and pics and and i'm stealing all. :D
nickynisanickynisa on March 24th, 2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
nice & details FA... :)

i was there too... it was awesome... superb... 1st time to meet suju... i was at zone L16, next to VIP 2...

i brought my camera too but didn't take many pics... too busy to look at the boys... i love wookie the most in suju... all his pics were so blurry...i guess i was too nervous to meet wookie for the 1st time... *lol at myself*